Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You can be my wingman any time, Kilmer.

I opened up my daily email from Amazon and saw that I could buy the special edition of Willow for about $58.99. Are you kidding me? It was a good movie, but oh my, that's some serious lettuce.

Now, I wouldn't actually buy that movie at that price. Few would. I'm sure I could find a better price somewhere else. It might be some weird fluke with the Amazon site. Who knows? It doesn't matter - Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop online. It's highly advanced robot brain does a pretty good job of keeping track of me these days too. It might even know me better than I know myself.

It probably knows about the time I practiced sword fighting with a stick pretending to be Madmartigan. Fighting all sorts of trees and bushes that looked exactly like goblins and trolls attacking our farm from the north.

This is basically what I looked like. With a stick for a sword, armor made from a cardboard refrigerator box, but the same rugged good looks.

Keepin' it real.
- Dapper