Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sounds like someone has a case of the Hipsters.

It seems like the label "hipster" has been used quite heavily in recent years. Little did I know that I had been surrounded by hipsters since high school...which has been...um...a few years.  I'll say more than ten. I even spent too much energy trying to seek their approval back in the day. If I were to associate myself with any group, it would be as a reluctant member of the "Intellectuals."  Sounds terrible just typing it. So it's clear why I had to convince everyone that I was something else.

But that's garbage.

The thing is, hipsters really haven't changed in 10 years. Hell, maybe longer. Why anyone would want to be one is beyond me. Being different just for the sake of being different, not because it's what you want to be. Letting you know that everything you like is terrible, and you should feel bad that you have never heard of some underground folk punk band from Joliet.

So when I was out the other day in my truck trying to pull onto a major road, I was selfishly blocking the sidewalk. This was much to the dismay of a hipster on a bike. Bikester?  Let's table that and move on. This hipster pulled no punches.  Beard. Old man clothes. Bicycle from the Prohibition era. So it was no surprise to me when I got the disgusted head shake as he had to drive behind me. I'm sorry that you cannot drive on the sidewalk next to this busy road at 40 miles an hour on your bike with reckless abandon.  I'm sorry that society hasn't reformed itself to yield to the mighty bicycle at all costs. I wanted to yell something about how bikes belonged on the road with the other traffic, but he was already gone. His ironic scarf flapping in the wind. Probably late for his banjo lessons. Or had some chai tea getting cold. Or maybe Red Dwarf was on.

Okay, so let's get to some sort of point here. Here are some fabulous hipster movies and tv shows.

Dr. Who

The old one too.  Not the new one, you sellout.

Red Dwarf

Anything by Wes Anderson

I think he's some sort of hipster godfather. But I don't hold that against him.