Friday, November 8, 2013

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe before punk concerts?

One thing I learned at a very young age is that you don't wear the concert t-shirt at the concert. I didn't learn this the hard way or anything; I had some good advice from my friends. The first concert I went to was the band Live in Omaha. I probably wore flannel or something. But the first real concert where I felt like my clothing was on trial was The Suicide Machines opening for the Descendents.  Yeah, it was a cool club in a somewhat rough part of Omaha. The problem with this concert was that I didn't really have an acceptable punk rock t-shirt, like NoFX or The Dead Kennedys or The Pixies. I had to wear my Green Day Dookie shirt (yes, with a flannel over shirt). I think it was just 'barely acceptable' because the band were 'sell-outs' and all. But, it would have been much worse if I would have picked up a Descendents shirt and wore it with new creases for all the world to see.

I imagine that I could get into a very good discussion about this topic (and many other extremely important ones) with the guys from High Fidelity. A classic John Cusack movie, with a great performance by Jack Black.

Yeah, this guy definitely has an opinion on the matter. And you are stupid.

Stay cool.
- Dapper