Sunday, November 3, 2013

Get 'em a Garbage Bag! Yeah!

It's only a few days after Halloween, so I think it's still legal to discuss this recent event amongst friends. I think my worst costume that I ever wore when I was young was a California Raisin. I'm pretty sure I had something else in mind for Trick-or-Treating that year. It probably consisted of some tissue paper cape and some cheap plastic mask with a small pea-sized hole for air and pretty much nothing else. So why the last minute change? Well, it started to rain and we thought it would be a better idea to just cover ourselves in a garbage bag. Genius, right? I just remember raisins being purple and not black. But besides that small detail, we still got candy.

This is by far the best costume I have ever seen. Just in case you missed it, Billy Zabka (who played that bastard Johnny in Karate Kid) dressed up as his character from the movie for Halloween this year.

This gives me hope for humanity.
- Dapper