Sunday, November 17, 2013

More amazing than the time Frodo Baggins came over to your house to use the bathroom?

It's a cold and wet day here in Iowa, which makes me think I could just step outside and venture into the Pacific Northwest. I'm thinking about gathering up my childhood buddies and going on an adventure to try and save the Goon Docks. Maybe find a pirate ship along the way. And a creepy old skeleton named Chester.

I absolutely loved The Goonies the first time I saw it. It was just an unbelievable adventure, with everything at stake, and a chance to save your 'hood. There are also some very interesting characters along the way. My favorite was Data. I know, I know, Mikey, Brand and Mouth probably got more ladies. But I would rather be the weird kid with all of the toys. Maybe I should rephrase that. I liked inventing stuff when I was younger. I'm pretty sure I came up with Pinchers of Power before I saw the movie.

This is one of those movies that always makes me happy when I watch it. It takes me back to a simpler time.

Seriously kid, you are scary good at speaking Spanish.

Fun fact: They call an SUV an ORV. Silly. Oh yeah, if you have a chance to see the deleted scene with the octopus or whatever, do it after a couple shots.

It's OUR time down HERE.