Sunday, December 16, 2012

I learned it by watching this blog!

I think it started with Reefer Madness in the 1930s. Lazy adults lying to their kids through movies. I bought this movie because I had heard a lot about it but had never seen it before. This was before YouTube, so finding it on the Internet was difficult. I know it's kind of a cult hit now, but I think it's pretty stupid.

So, we definitely learned our lesson after this turd, right? Oh, no. Not by a long shot. Countless after school specials and public service announcements ensued. The problem is, I bet I can count the number of kids swayed against drugs from these faves on one hand. They were just too cheesy.

Before Mad About You. Before As Good As It Gets. Helen Hunt was jumping out of two story windows jacked up on PCP. I remember seeing this in junior high and thinking it was ridiculous. I never did PCP either. I guess this movie was wasted on me.

Helen Hunt in Desperate Lives

Hah!  Awesome.

Perhaps the best example is the one with this Sean Astin lookalike getting lectured by his dad, who was probably a 70s porn star. No one with a 'stache like that is just a regular dude with a regular job. And he apparently likes to get all "potted up on weed" (yes, we still have a ways to go).

I learned it by watching you!

Remember kids - don't buy drugs! (Don't know that one? Shame on you. Click here.)